Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri
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Student Testimonies 

I love Grace Chapel because they help me extend my relationship with God. They are like another family to me because I know I can trust them. I’ve learned so much since I’ve gone here. It’s a blessing to go to a school like this. My teacher has helped me with so many struggles. Chapel and Religion classes help me understand more about the Christian life. Grace Chapel is the school to be. - Nife


To me it is a great opportunity to be at Grace. What I love about Grace is it’s great activities. I don’t know how they do it, but they are really fun. Food is the best thing I’ve tasted. But they brought it to a new level and made it better. I love all the great teachers that teach us stuff in school and in life. I suggest their sports are fun and great exercise for you. I love everything about Grace! - Ryan 


I love this school more then anything. The teachers are funny, cool, and nice. My favorite part of school is food! 3rd grade is the best you get 3 recesses. When you get in 5th grade and up you get P.E. uniforms. I hope others come to this school next year too.  - Skye


Grace Chapel is a great school for people looking for a connection with God. If you are looking for a good learning curriculum, then this school is your choice. The teachers are great here fun, kind, careful, and understandable. The teachers are also there when you need help. They also can help understand any subject. I remember when I was in 2nd grade the teacher helped me understand Math. - Monroe


Grace Chapel is the best school in the WORLD! I love how the teachers greet you when you walk through the school doors. I love how the lunch ladies try their best to give you the best lunch that they can make us. I love how they teach me about God and how His works are mights and powerful. When you go to Grace you feel loved and cared for. The knowledge that they give you is AWESOME! - Naomi